Protectors are the only way to stop other players from mining your house. You can buy them off the store, or find them rarely in dungeons.When you reach perception level 3, there will be a button on the map with a picture of a circle. When you press it you can see protectors ranges, so you don't accidently lose items to trolls by placing them outside the range.

Micro protector Edit

Micro protectors are the smallest protectors you can get. They cost 20 crowns (the same as a small protector) and give you tiny range. But, they come with 5.

Small protector Edit

Small protectors may seem small, but give you a lot of range. They cost 20 crowns. Perfect for starters.

Large protectors Edit

Large protectors are a ranage better than small protector. They cost 50 crowns to buy And are definitely worth it.

Mega protectors

Mega protectors are the predescessor to the large protector they have a even larger radius than a large protector they cost 125 crowns

Giga Protecters are largest you can get. They cost 225 crowns and has a very big range.